A 19th Century Italian Porcelain Centerpiece A Pre-Columbian Terra Cotta Figure of a Capulí Coquero An Ancient Egyptian Polychrome on Wood Burial Mask
A 19th Century Chinese Polychrome and Wooden Carved Wu Lou or Hulu Gourd A Pair of Highly Unusual 18th Century French Tin and Parcel Gilt Flame Finials A Pair of 18th Century Italian Ashwood Finials
An 18th Century Italian Ebonized Walnut Statue of a Putti A 17th Century Italian Parcel-Gilt and Polychrome Alto Relievo Wall Appliqué A 19th Century Italian Terracotta Bust of a Woman of Means
A 19th Century Italian Cast Bronze Sculpture of a Putti An Italian 18th Century Polychrome Statue of a Saint An 18th Century Russian or Roman Giltwood Architectural Element
A 20th Century French Ram's Head in the Lalique Taste A 17th Century Giltwood and Polychrome Burmese Statue of a Monk A 19th Century Italian Marble Sculpture
A Pair of Elaborate 19th Century Dutch Patinated Brass Ecclesiastical Candle Screens A 19th Century French Bronze Statue A Pair of 19th Century African Ebony Busts
A Large and Whimsical 19th Century Italian Polychrome Papier Maché Figurine A Pair of 18th century Italian Ceramic Lions A Fire Glazed Set of Three Colorful 19th Century Chinese Export Porcelain Figurines of the Wise God Lucky Immortals:  ShouFuand Lu
An English Art Nouveau Bust of The Royal Princess MaryCountess of Harewood A Unusual Pair of 18th Century French Finial Architectural Elements A 4th Century A.D. Ancient Greco-Roman Marble Portrait Head
A Rare and Unusually Large 19th c. English Statue of a Champion English Short Haired Pointer A Pair of 19th c. Italian Bronze Bacchanalian Putti A Pair of 19th c. Italian Bronze Dore Playful Putti
A 19th Century Italian Marble Plaque of the Roman Emperor Claudius A 19th Century Italian Empire Neoclassical Bronze Ormolu and Rosso Antico Marble Mantel Clock A Pair of Signed 19th Century  French "Grand Tour" High Relief Gilt-Bronze Wall Plaques
A Vintage French Egyptian Revival Yellow Sienna Marble and Brass Mantel Clock Garniture Set A Grouping of Nine 18th Century Florentine Polychromed Papier-Mâché Apostle Statues An Important Palazzo Scaled Pair of Polychrome and Giltwood Archangels
A Pair of 19th Century Italian Cast Bronze Busts of Greek Philosophers A Pair of 18th Century Italian Terra Cotta Statue Heads A Large 19th Century Italian Terra Cotta Pair of Mischievous Bachanallian Putti
A 19th Century Terra Cotta Madonna and Child Wall Plaque An 18th Century Polychromed Carved Wood Preaching Buddha An Early 19th Century Inkwell & Bronze Putti Figure
A Pair of Bronze and Ormolu 19th Century Table Accessories A Palazzo-Scaled Pair of 18th Century Polychrome and Parcel Gilt Venetian  Blackamoors A Pair of 18th Century Angouleme Faience Seated Lions
An Early 18th Century Carved Wood Polychrome and Parcel Gilt Figurine A Pair of Late 18th Century Terracotta Florentine Statues A Large and Beautifully Sculpted 1st Century AD Classical Roman Torso of an Athlete
A 4th Century A.D. Marble Roman Head possibly of Emperor Constantine An 18th Century Siamese Stone Buddah Head An 18th Century Stone Bust of a Roman Youth
An Early 19th Century French Bronze Bust of Napoleon A Pair of 18th Century Polychromed Figures An Unusual Pair of Italian 18th Century Carved Bone and Wood Figurines
A Whimsical 19th Century Japanese Bronze Singerie Sculpture A Striking Pair of Large Venetian Blackamoor Ceramic Polychrome and Parcel Gilt Figurines A Highly Important Ancient Marble Head of Apollo
An 18th Century Sculpture Bust of a Roman Senator A 200 A.D. Roman Marble Portrait Head of a Child A Whimsical Cloisonné Dog
A 19th Century Italian Marble Sculpture of a Young Florentine Schoolboy  A Unique 19th Century Italian Neoclassical Gesso Bas Relief of Ancient Roman Warriors A Pair of 19th Century Asian Temple Fu Dogs
 A Pair of Imposing Early French Empire  Recumbent  Sphinxes  A 19th Century Bronze of the Dying Gaul A 19th Century Bronze Neoclassical Roman Figure
 A 5th Century and Possibly Earlier Italian Carved Polychrome  Madonna and Child  A Very Rare 200-300 A.D. Carved Stone Head of a Syrian Youth  A 19th Century French Empire Bronze Dore Sculpture
A Rare 5th Century Burmese Temple Collusus of Siddhartha Guatama Buddha An 18th Century Polychrome and  Carved Roman Soldier A Pair of Early 19th Century Roman Carara Marble Statues
 A Pair of English 19th Century Staffordshire Spaniels A Magnificent 19th Century Alabaster Statue A Continental Bronze Nude of a Neoclassical Wrestler
A Delightful 19th Century Carved Bone Bust of a Smiling Amorino A 19th Century Pair of Carrara Marble Statues"Joy and Sadness" Signed by Milanese Master Sculptor Antonio Tantardini An Imposing Pair of Late 19th Century Cast Stone Borghese Urns Embellished with Bacchanalian Masks
A 19th Century Italian Bronze Recumbent Putto A Dramatic 19th Century  Capo di Monte Porcelain Rooster A Rare 16th Century Carrara Marble Bas Relief Plaque of Pope Pius V (1504-1572)
A  Regal Pair of 18th Century Terra Cotta Marzocco Florentine Lions An 18th Century Spanish Articulated Polychrome Devotional Figure of Jesus A Handsome Bronze Sculpture of a Big Horn Sheep
A Playful 19th Century Bronze Bacchant Putto Wearing a Grapevine Wreath on His Head A Pair of 19th Century Partially Glazed White Faience Pigeons A Whimsical Early 19th  Century Terra Cotta Fountain Ornament of a Boy on a Dolphin
An Impressive 17th Century Carved Wood Statue of Saint Jude A Pair of 18th Century Carrara Marble Lions in Repose A Carved 18th Century Roman Marble Urn
A Pair of 18th Century polychrome and Parcel Gilt Wood Figurines A 19th Century Terra Cotta Dog An Exquisite Pair of 18th Century Duomo Polychrome and Parcel Giltwood Angels
 A 19th Century Terra Cotta Sculpture of an 18th Century Scion A Pair of 17th Century South German Stone Putti Architectural Elements A Magnificent and Rare 19th Century Faience Porcelain Bust of "Winter"
A Magnificent Set of Four 17th Century Italian Duomo Altar Angels A Pair of Italian 18th Century Angels An Exceptional Pair of 18th Century Faience Ceramic Lions
A Pair of Sculpted Stone Carved Lions A Rare 15th Century Wood Sculpture of Jesus A Very Important 18th Century Italian Carrara Marble Plaque
A 19th Century Italian Cremo Delicato Marble Sculpture of the Madonna A Fine 19th Century French Statue of a Dancer on a Round Pedestal Carved of Bleached Pine An 18th Century Italian Parcel Polychrome Statue
A Richly Carved 18th Century Marble Architectural Fragment An Exquisite 16th Century Polychrome Carved Statue of Saint Paul A 19th Century Italian Marble Bust of Socrates
A 19th Century Carved Stone Head of Buddha A Massive 18th Century Italian Carved Marble Bust of Trajan Caesar (96 A.D.) A 19th Century Italian White Marble Bust of a Bacchante
A Pair of Chinese Green Glazed Fu Dogs A 1930 American Art Deco Sculpture An 18th Century Italian Giltwood Statue of Atlas
A 19th Century Miniature Oriental Carved Bone Figurine France		Jean-Antoine Houdon's " Bust of Moliere" A 19th Century English Pair of Delft Porcelain Parade Horses
A Chinese Jade Foo Dog A Pair of Elaborate 19th Century Dutch Brass Ecclesiastical Candle Screens A Superbly Modeled 18th Century Chinese Dehua Group depicting the He Heernian
An 18th Century Figural Japanese Warrior Bronze with polychrome finish A Pair of 19th Century Chinese Carved and Hand-painted Fu Dogs A Graceful Pair of 19th Century Bronze Deer
A Bronze Thai Buddha Head A Regal Pair of 19th Century Gilded Stoneware Lions An 18th Century Italian Carved Wood Female Crèche Figure
A Splendid Pair of 19th Century Italian Carved Winged Silver Gilt Putti Architectural Appliques