A Richly-Colored 19th Century Murano Blown Glass Chandelier An Unusual 18th c. Italian Mecca Giltwood Louis XVI Neoclassical Chandelier An 1830 Charles X Six-light Bronze and Vermeil Chandelier
An Elegant 12-Light 18th Century Austrian Giltwood Chandelier A Glittering 19th Century Italian Six-Light Gilt Bronze and Rock Crystal Chandelier A Whimsical 18th century Three-Light Italian Polychrome and Parcel Gilt Angel Chandelier
A Unique 17th Century Solid Sterling Silver Spanish Chandelier A Magnificent 19th Century Twelve-Light Rock Crystal Italian Chandelier A Magnificent Ten-Light 18th Century Rock CrystalCut Crystal and Brass Ormolu Chandelier
A Diminutive Gem-like Six-Light 19th Century Italian Chandelier An 18th Century Tuscan Ochre and Creme Polychrome Six Light Chandelier An Unusual 18th Century Italian Six-Light Giltwood and Gilded Metal Chandelier
An 8 Light 19th Century Italian Cut Crystal Chandelier An Early 19th Century Italian Eight Light Giltwood Chandelier An Elegant Late 19th Century Dutch 8-Light Brass Chandelier
An 18th Century Italian EbonizedGiltwood and Iron 6-Light Chandelier An 18th Century Italian PolychromeGiltwood and Iron 6-Light Chandelier An Elegant 18th Century Dutch Twelve-Light Chandelier
A Handsome Early 20th Century Brass Billiard  Chandelier A 19th Century French Gilt Bronze Twenty-Four Light Rococo Chandelier A  Pair of English Four-Light Brass Chandeliers
A 19th Century Crystal Hall Chandelier An Elegant 19th Century Italian Cut Crystal Eight-Light Chandelier